Ever notice?

While watching paranormal television, did you ever notice that no matter what color of hair people have in the daylight that everyone is Blond(e) on IR©? Literally.

I have.

Further, I noticed that the majority of paranormal research, especially as it is portrayed on television, follows an assumption based investigation model. And you know what happens when you assume...

Please pay attention to the next television show that you watch or the next investigation that you conduct. Did you assume? Bet you did. Did you acknowledge the assumption before formulating a conclusion? Bet you didn’t. I know I am guilty of it.

Guess that makes us all figuratively Blond(e) on IR©.

What I need to do right now (and I would love if you do the same) is take a step back and test as many assumptions that means will allow.

I expect to post my experiments and findings here. Please contact me with any research you have completed.

And yes, I am a blonde.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hundreds of trials


Ok. It is taking a loooooooong time to gather the 100’s of trials we need to develop results.

Haven’t forgotten about you….just busy with trial after trial after trial.

Anyone want to copy the experiment and help??

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  1. What type of experiment are you conducting?

    BTW I couldn't find your email so I sent you a message on your Facebook about a venture you may be interested in. I'm trying to get together individuals and organizations dedicated to the legitimate study of paranormal phenomena. More details in the message, I won't bore readers with the details here.